Unmatched Protection and Safety for Every Situation

On-Site Security Services

Here at Doing Better Protective Services US, LLC, we understand that in today’s society there is a growing need for security. It is our goal to minimize risks and maximize safety. Our on-site officers will be a great asset to your security plan.

Doing Better Protective Services US on-site officers will supply clients with detailed reports while proactively patrolling our client’s property. On-site officers are able to respond to calls quickly to ensure the client’s needs are met in a timely fashion.


Video Surveillance:

Doing Better Protective Services US offers companies the ability to enhance their security needs through CCTV with the highest industry standards of equipment available.

Event Security:

The objective of Doing Better Protective Services US event staff is to maximize the enjoyment of your event while at the same time maintaining a high level of security and professionalism.

Patrol Service:

Available 24 hours a day, Doing Better Protective Services US, LLC offers fully trained officers for patrol on various sites in their district area. Officers are highly trained to provide our clients with as much information as possible through detailed, professional reports as to the events on their properties.

Officers patrol our clients’ properties in marked vehicles to deter crime while watching for suspicious activity, noise disturbances, suspicious persons, and anything out of the ordinary. Every patrol vehicle is equipped with a radio, ensuring reliable communication, and an on-board computer used to document calls and patrol times further ensuring quality services are being provided to our clients.

There are several services our patrol division can provide. If you are interested in our patrol service, click the e-mail link at the bottom of our page or contact a sales representative at the number below.

Alarm Response:

Doing Better Protective Services US, LLC contracts with local alarm companies to respond to their alarm calls. Your alarm company has a direct line to our dispatch center which will ensure a rapid response from the local district office.

Our clients would prefer for us to respond first, rather than the police, due to costs, and personal interests. We have specially trained armed officers that have years of experience in dealing with alarm responses and the problems that can occur from them.

If an alarm is activated, the alarm agency notifies our dispatchers who will ensure that a patrol officer is dispatched immediately. The patrol officer will respond to the location of the alarm. If the alarm is false, the patrolman will reset the alarm and leave the scene with a written response.

If the alarm is founded, our dispatchers and patrol officers are trained in the necessary steps to handle the situation.

Officer Dispatch: (503)-512-7567

Special Services

Doing Better Protective Services US, LLC is proud to announce our newly developed division of Special Services.

This newly developed division is staffed with hand-picked officers who have experience in and specialize in film industry production work, personal protection, surveillance, and specialized site protection.

These officers are used to working in and are highly trained in skills such as threat assessment and observation. They are not ordinary security officers; their specialized training allows them to put themselves between their charge and the impending danger.

Their first and foremost responsibility is to protect their client and their assets. In an emergency situation, you have our guarantee that we can have an officer on-site within 4 hours or less of the contract signing.

Officer Dispatch: (503)-512-7567


Private Investigations


  • Employment verification
  • Tenant verification
  • including credit check
  • Asset recovery
  • Relative searches


  • Worker's compensation
  • Accident injuries
  • Witness interviews
  • Surveillance
  • Activity reports

Workplace Investigations

  • Worker's compensation
  • investigations
  • Wrongful terminations
  • Hostile threat assessments
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace
  • bullying/violence

Process Servers

Our process servers are trained to find individuals and ensure that they are given notice of a legal action that is being taken against them.


**In an emergency situation, you have our guarantee that we can have an officer on-site within four hours or less of the contract signing.